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Rachel Dancsok Recording Artist
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S0A 0X0

Office #   1.306.745.3786

COMMENTS from Friends & Fans........

" Rachel, you're music continues to help & heal !

I needed this tonight- thank you sister ! Love you guys, Jodi "

Oh Rachel, that song was so heart filling. What a wonderful song & sung by you.   Audrey "
" What a true blessing you are ! Patricia "
" Your ministry will be a huge contribution to the conference "
" You have a heart of compassion for people. It is the presence of Jesus where ever you go. You do not only have a singing ministry but also an evangelism ministry.  People can feel the compassion.  Jesus moved with compassion and miracles happened. "
" You sang very well in both showcases !! "  Stage presence - Super !! "
' You did real well jamming tonight !! You are real " Country " !!  I love that !! Very powerful & getting stronger all the time.  Once they hear you they will love you !  I know I do !! "
" You are the best Country Gospel Singer I know !  Thanks for sharing your gift . "   Barb

" Thank you for the wonderful concert that you put on in Churchbridge, SK, I really enjoyed the music and the way that you lifted us up in worship . "  Karen

“Rachel, I love your singing and have been listening to the CD often!  You have gone along way with your singing and I hope you will continue for a long time!  Thank you again and God Bless you richly!” – Dorothy

“Rachel so proud of you.  You’re the best in my book.  You deserve those awards for using the gifts God gave you to glorify Him. Love ya & God Bless” – Dusty

I really enjoyed your first #.  The minor key, and the beat moved me.  Outstanding!  

 Thank you for the wonderful concert! from Minitonas, MB.

   Hi Rachel,

“I really wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your music and enjoyed you. I really enjoyed singing with you at the jam. I wish you lived closer to me.  I was so honest when I said I enjoyed your trio with Claire and Steve. For me that song was truly the highlight for best harmony that I heard all week.   It was 100% and I loved it.”

Blessings on you and Darwin – Marilyn

Great people and singers .... and to some old people you just put a little spark in them as they remember the old times just like Jesus is right there holding their hand. Thank you Jesus for precious people like you guys. - Bert